About Us

Brand Aid Digital is a healthcare digital marketing agency that focuses on patient engagement, recruitment and retention. Our work enables our clients to gain a formidable presence in the fruitful—and ever-changing—omnichannel world. Through informed strategy and analytics, Brand Aid works to implement digital solutions that optimize the goals of their clients, ranging from innovative and user-friendly websites, to content management systems (CMS), to mobile strategy analysis and consultation. Behind a team of extremely passionate people with years of experience in life-science, marketing, analytics, and advertising, Brand Aid makes it possible for their clients to bring the right user experience to their audiences. Brand Aid Digital continues to experiment and evolve in a dynamic environment that supports diversity in both people and ideas.

Our Team

Brand Aid’s key staff each have over ten years of experience working in digital, and have completed hundreds of successful digital projects for top ten pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and CPG brands. Our team has combined expertise in Marketing, Content, Creative, UX, Analytics, and IT, and we continue to expand our skills and knowledge by staying up-to-date on the latest trends and technology.

Our Clients

Brand Aid’s client base includes top five pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, major hospitals, medical nutrition, innovative healthcare application start-ups, healthcare portals, and business services providers. To learn more about our client engagements, give us a call at (973) 947-7600 or use our contact form to request a free quote today.

Our Certifications and Affiliations