Ten years ago, the trend was to begin your website with a “Flash Intro” including a clever vignette and maybe even some music. Today, the word “Intro” is synonymous with “Bounce.”

Today’s right creative approach is the one that works for the defined business objective. The connection needs to happen fast, and is often subtle. Ultimately, great creative is about style, usable design, underlying marketing strategy, and making a connection to the target audiences.

Web Design

Great web design is complicated. Between considering creative, content, IT, SEO, and user experiences, there is a lot to juggle. Brand Aid understands what skills are necessary to balance an attractive website with structured functionality that is done on-time and on-budget. Besides having skills in creative, IT, writing, account and project management, and cooperation, you need motivated smart people–which we have here at Brand Aid.

From analyzing our work-flow process, we’ve created a proven best practice approach that we have implemented for dozens of clients. Account Management, Creative Development, Digital Development, and IT all work in tandem to confirm the timelines, requirements, and constraints throughout the duration of the project. Our worksheets and questionnaires were developed to insure that the right questions have been proactively addressed. Our checklists also insure that there are no unforeseen scope changes. Your website will be ready when we say it will be completed. We might not get it perfect, but we always get it done.

User Experience/UX

User experience (UX) has evolved considerably to provide a platform for making web sites easy-to-use, valuable, and effective for all visitors. A great user experience combines the interests of different stakeholders: marketing, branding, visual design, and usability. Our digital creative team takes marketing, branding, and aesthetic needs into account when designing websites. In addition, Brand Aid utilizes either live or online virtual focus groups to conduct usability studies from which we can learn about the UX’s effectiveness and further improve the site.