Key Differentiators

EPiServer’s Competitive Advantage

The Brand Aid partnership with EPiServer delivers a high quality .NET platform, built on solid architecture, with an exceptional user experience for mid-level and enterprise clients. By combining the previously separate worlds of digital marketing, e-commerce, and social, EPiServer dramatically improves the customer experience.
Brand Aid’s dedicated focus on delivering business value to our EPiServer customers is achieved by excelling in these key areas:

  • Page Testing, Optimization, and Measurement
    • EPiServer provides not only our own analytics and measurement tools and reports, but also integrations and Add-ons to the world’s leading analytics platforms, like Google Analytics.
  • User Segmentation and Personalization
    • Visitor segmentation is critical, because it fast tracks your visitors toward a conversion goal based on behavioral or demographic information. EPiServer visitors to your online presence will see relevant content sooner, making them more engaged, and more likely to convert.
  • Content Reuse
    • The seemingly endless content spread across various sites, channels, and touch points create headaches. You can create a page or block of content once and reuse it on multiple sites, channels, social networks, emails, and more with a few mouse clicks.
  • Social Integration
    • Social media metrics and ROI delivered by your action on social channels, analytics and reports about how your social media messages and channels are performing, allowing you to see if your customers are collaborating. Update your site, and immediately share those updates with your social network – all while customizing the message and monitoring analytics in real-time. Skip multiple logins and update all channels.
  • Mobile Readiness
    • With greater than 50% of traffic on mobile and tablet devices, easy previewing of various mobile devices and creating mobile sites that mimic what used to only be available in a native mobile application saves you time, and money. Across mobile, tablet and desktop screens content will always look great.
  • eCommerce
    • Lastly, through the EPiServer Commerce solution, you have complete support for e-commerce. By having integrated e-commerce, CMS, and digital marketing solutions, EPiServer offers total cost of ownership advantages that no other vendor can offer.

Use the integration layer capabilities of EPiServer to connect with leading ERP, collaboration, and CRM systems to improve the customer experience and create an online business hub where you can expose and collect data from your customers online. Integrate any data into EPiServer and make it look as if it lives within EPiServer, even though another system manages it. This makes it easy for non-technical editors to work with content in EPiServer. Making critical business information available from one web interface enables editors to make work with content creation in a controlled and self-efficient way. The EPiServer platform supports an enterprise environment, where marketers and business leaders can manage content across multiple sites and customer touch points.