Health Gadgets to Tell You How You Are Doing

The future of healthcare is here and it is digital.

“How are you doing? How have you been?” are questions that pertain to our health. Today’s new gadgets aim to take the subjectivity out of the answers to these basic questions.

Fitbits and smartwatches monitor our exercise, heart rate and blood pressure. Wireless scales and glucometers transmit our weight and blood sugar to apps on our smartphones.

Necklaces contain, among other things, a gyroscope and accelerometer, tracking balance, posture and movement, and now offer advice that may help sufferers of neck pain and similar ailments.

In this holiday season, while we are shopping for the newest tech devices, let’s take a look at how these emerging devices are affecting your digital world.

These fun gadgets are gearing us towards a future of instant access to our physical situation by a nurse, doctor, care coordinator, care-taker or loved one.


Even now, mobile apps and care-coordination portals are being developed to connect our health providers and insurers to our daily lives. Monitoring on this basis could save an immeasureable number of lives. In this new digital age, health care professionals would be able to prescribe preventive measures for diabetes or assess an imminent condition such as a seizure or heart attack through our apps.

All of which means that ultimately our access to our digital devices will now have an influence on our physical being, (and well-being, for that matter).

The digital revolution within the world of healthcare will give those with chronic illnesses the freedom to go places and do things with the comforting feeling of constant monitoring instead of constant worry and distress. Meanwhile, the rest of us will eventually forget about the constant stream of information we are sending out–until our next office visit with the doctor…

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