Mark Reichman

Mark Reichman recently joined the team as EVP, Managing Partner. Mark brings 20+ years of healthcare experience which includes 5 years on the client side and 15+ years on the agency side. Mark is a seasoned healthcare marketer with extensive experience shepherding brands from Phase III strategic planning, through launch, and beyond. From OTC’s to oncology, and virtually everything in between, he has a well rounded background. Category highlights includes neurology, oncology, GI, respiratory, cardiovascular, medical devices, men’s health, and smoking cessation. Assignments have been both global and US centric.

Mark is also a passionate advocate for innovation in healthcare, and therefore a perfect fit with Brand Aid’s culture of digital innovation. Mark has presented at industry events including Digital Pharma West, and various other innovation forums. Key accomplishments include leading many blockbuster product launches and development and execution of strategically based, pioneering social media programs.