GoMo Health

GoMo Health – Behavioral Rx® Solution

Brand Aid has partnered with GoMo Health to provide a solution that delivers HIPAA compliant personalized conversations with patients and their caregivers at enterprise scale. The technology provides tools for remote care coordination, ongoing patient education, adherence, messaging and patient feedback. The solution integrates and delivers any combination of email, text, digital (web/mobile), live agent, mail, or phone, to allow for seamless interactions that empower patients.

Behavioral Rx is a methodology using psychological and cognitive techniques to stimulate patient behavioral attributes (such as trust, credibility, comprehension, reciprocity), in-the-moment to motivate patients to take charge of their health.

  • For Clinical Trials: Recruiting and retaining both patients and physician investigators is an expensive and complicated challenge; Behavioral Rx makes the live’s of both the investigators and patients easier while increasing evidence-based data collection and feedback; reducing overall time and cost. The solution creates a “Concierge Care” approach for patient participants, with the goal of making trial patients recipients of “Best in Class” care. An additional benefit is that participating investigators can more easily manage the protocol and corresponding patient support activities.
  • Commercial/Managed Markets: Pharmaceutical companies must adopt new “Beyond the Pill” market strategies to have their drugs included as part of the new CMS and private payer value/risk based reimbursements. Pharma must not only show the efficacy of the drug but deliver “solutions” to reduce readmissions and costs of Population Health. The solution provides health systems (providers) and health plans (payers) sponsored use of Behavioral Rx to reduce the overall cost of care and provide increased Joy in Practice for the clinical teams. Patient-reported outcomes and integrations with wearable or other open API data represent real-life experience across broad populations. The GoMo program has been adopted by multiple state Medicaid providers.

The mix of tools combines the best practices of collaborative care, patient self-management tools, mobile ready support, reimbursement assistance, call centers and prevention and management. The platform makes it easier for a patient to understand their disease, drug therapy, wellness, and behaviors. This results in true patient engagement.

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