Social Media

Social media is no longer optional: it’s a necessary part of consumer outreach. In fact, it can be a cost-effective channel to gain more visibility for your brand. Brand Aid can provide a comprehensive social media strategy, including social listening, monitoring, and engagement programs that work together with content marketing to give your brand a platform on the vast array of growing, social services in the digital world today. We also provide metrics and insights to help determine the ROI of atomic content like “tweets,” “likes” and “shares,” and how these forms of interaction lead to engagement and customer loyalty.
Social Media Training

Brand Aid recognizes that organizing for Social Media often represents the first challenge. We have developed a comprehensive Social Media training program on three levels that is available for customization to your organization, industry and team.

We suggest that you begin the social media training challenge by asking the following questions:

  • Who is responsible for Social Media? Corporate? Marketing? HR? Legal?
  • Who should participate in our social media training program?
  • How do we want to certify the appropriate employees for their social media roles?
  • How do we build a crisis management plan?
  • What are best practices and benchmarks for social media in our industry?