Experience Analysis

In digital, it’s important to understand the behavior of today’s consumer across the web, social networks, communities and mobile apps in order to optimize results. Without defining and promoting desired shared experiences, clients are at the whim of whatever their members create and share. To regain control, a key question to be answered is “are you facing an experience gap?”
An experience gap is when the digital experience that you want your users to have doesn’t match up with the experience your users actually have and share. This gap represents what our clients’ customers say and feel about their experiences with the brand.
We close this gap by using experience analysis, a process that is a form of customer journey optimization. It analyzes key marketing attributes that includes content that actually answers customers’ questions, maps all touch points and related information and sees where your customers are clicking. Experience analysis is also a way to discover new marketing opportunities.
Once we have identified and mapped the shared experiences, we will develop a strategy to close the experience gap. The deliverables will include a definition of:

  • What is it that you want people to experience?
  • What is it that you want them to feel and share?
  • What are people sharing today, where (networks/apps) and how (content)?
  • What are the best channels for reaching your audience?