SEO and Content Marketing

Search remains the number one activity conducted online and the jump-off point for most people looking for information across the web. Additionally, studies maintain that searchers on both Google and Bing continue to click on organic search results over paid search ads over 90% of the time.1 While algorithms have continued to change over the years, search engine optimization (SEO) is still a fundamental part of the digital marketing equation and implementing a cohesive SEO strategy that leverages your competitive advantages remains a valuable way to build both trust and authority for your brand.
We believe that doing SEO the right way is a long-term investment and requires significant buy-in from relevant stakeholders in a variety of disciplines, including content, IT and marketing. But we also believe it’s one of the more cost-effective ways for businesses to move the needle and produce visible gains in traffic and overall conversions from their web site. Additionally, doing SEO the right way can produce a halo effect that can positively impact other parts of your integrated digital marketing strategy, like social media marketing, for example.
Brand Aid can work with you to develop a holistic search campaign that combines traditional on and off-page strategies and technical optimization with smart, targeted content creation to not only help improve your organization’s search rankings but to increase website traffic and overall visibility. Additionally, we’ll measure the success of our campaign over time and provide real ROI so you have a clear sense of where and how your money is being spent.
Looking to get started? Contact Brand Aid to get started with an SEO strategy for your business today.

1 Search Engine Watch, “Organic vs. Paid Search Results: Organic Wins 94% of Time”, 2014