Mobile Integration

At Brand Aid, a “Digital-first” approach considers the relationship between each touch-point and its role in the overall online journey. We consider the capabilities in each screen variety as well as the customer expectations in each touch-point and what they hope to accomplish on each screen. Traditional businesses tend to forgo mobile, social, and digital functionality to maintain an aging offline/online infrastructure that is counter-intuitive in today’s world of digital instant gratification. Therefore, as a minimum standard, Brand Aid utilizes responsive web-design, and suggests separate user experiences for screens, tablets, and mobile devices.
Today, customers use and expect from screens differently than the past. A key point of distinction lies in the introduction of the mobile world, and the convenience of “touch.” Typing, pinching, zooming and slow speed represent a missed expectation to engage. Customers do not see departments, they only know the brand. From social and mobile, to customer insights and experience mapping, to IT and training, Brand Aid works to improves how customers get what they want.
The bottom line is that design and development for desktop only is no longer an option. All digital solutions need to take responsive web-design into consideration.