Visual Marketing – Who Doesn’t Like a Cat Meme?

What is visual marketing?

Visual marketing is an effective way to tell a story to your customers and get them engaged. While creating and sharing written marketing content is still one of the most valuable ways to build engagement and boost search, adding images not only helps engagement, it can drive referral traffic and sales. Visual marketing should be a part of your overall marketing and communication mix. Using images can enhance marketing efforts by providing better recall, memory and identity. Examples of visual marketing include: videos, memes, infographic, photos and comics.

Below are some specific examples:

The Home Depot’s cat meme campaign

The Home Depot created the “Richard the Cat, a.k.a. Pundit of People” to entice customer engagement in a humorous way. At the heart of this story is Richard, a cat, who is following a human family as they pursue all kinds of DIY projects, most resulting in predictable mishaps.


Using comedy in their social media channels helps The Home Depot improve their likability and image. Not only that, through the use of social sharing, the Richard the Cat campaign went viral and helped The Home Depot reach audiences beyond their typical reach (like I said earlier, who doesn’t love a cat meme?).

Everyday Health’s Pinterest board


Everyday Health makes it clear to their Pinterest followers that they want to help you take better care of yourself and your family. They have over 3.5 million followers and 63 boards with everything ranging from weight loss stories, recipes, inspirational quotes to tips on healthy eating and snacking.

They’re also doing a great job of engaging their audience by encouraging their followers to share pins and running contests like their Fall Fitness giveaway where they gave out workout gear and healthy snacks.

If you want customers and potential customers to remember your product, then consider adding visual marketing to your strategy. Through the use of videos, memes, infographic, photos and comics, you can create a story that people will remember months from now.

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